Lunch Box Notes From My Favorite Things

School. I’ve learned this year that school completely changes the dynamic of how my day goes. I can no longer laze about on days when I feel too exhausted to kick motherhood into high gear. I have a son who goes to kinder (full day) and another that attends preschool two days a week.

Last year, when my first was a wee preschooler I decided to start the habit of tucking little notes or tiny drawings into his lunchbox. A fun and simple surprise that added a little spark to his day. It only took an extra minute or two and was well worth the added time.


Because he went to a small preschool, his teacher would read him the note. Now that Tyler attends kindergarten, I keep the notes short with words he can read or easily sound out or just scribble down a silly picture that I know will be sure to produce a smile.

To continue with the simplicity of the idea (because I am all about simple) I purchased blank business cards (in white) from Paper Source and tiny business card size envelopes (in a rainbow of colors). It added the special feeling of opening mail, which most kids adore.

And now I have a pocket size note collection full of memories I plan on keeping forever.  Because I am sappy like that.



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