Project 52: Checkups

Kaye went in for her yearly checkup and the nurse checked her hearing. She did great. It’s nice to take her in once a year to see how she is doing in her growth. It’s also brings me comfort to know that she is healthy and well. She was excited that she’s getting taller. She is hoping that she will tall enough for most of the rides at Disney World the next time we go. I also love that we have great pediatricians.

» Tell me… Do you dread taking your children in for their checkups or do you like it?

Sorry I haven’t been featuring your photos. It has been an adjustment here to life with three. I hope you understand but still link up your photos. I love to look at them!

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood

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  • Angee

    I love when the girls have check ups too. It’s always nice to see how they’ve grown. It’s even better when they don’t have to get shots. I hope your enjoying your new little bundle and getting some sleep.


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