School Lunch For Picky Eaters From Tatertots and Jello

Today’s guest post is from Jen of Tatertots and Jello. She doesn’t need much of an introduction since many of you probably already know her. She is an all around fabulous crafter and blogger. Love her. I’m excited for her to share school lunch ideas for picky eaters. I have one in my home. So this was the perfect post for me.

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Hi – I’m Jen from Tatertots and Jello. I adore Tiffany and so excited to be here today!

Do you have a picky eater?

Out of my four kids, one is an extremely picky eater.

In fact, although she has been going to public school for over 8 years, she refuses to eat school lunch. So we have had to get a little creative with our lunchtime options!

One thing that I found helpful was finding a great lunchbox. Our favorite was a lunchbox that is actually a bento picnic basket that I found on clearance at Target. My daughter loves it because it has different trays and the food stays clean. She doesn’t like her food touching each other.

bentol lunch box


Another great thing I found was a little thermos so she can take soup to school. It keeps the soup warm the whole day.

soup thermos


If you have a picky eater, here are five things that we have found to make school lunch a little more fun!

fruit printables

1. Add a little note to your child, like these little fruit printables from Alphamom .

fancy lunch

2. Make food fun to look at like this lunch from Thereses Verden!

lunch time jokes

3. Or add some jokes to your child’s lunch, like these Joke Printables from Kristen Duke Photography.

lunch box planner

4. Something that might help make lunch time more successful is getting your child involved in PLANNING lunches. Print out these Lunch Time Planning Printables from A Little Delightful to do that.

eating chart

5. And if you still are having a hard time getting your picky eater to eat, you can make one of these Picky Eater Charts from Lil Luna with a great incentive for making their eating goals!

Thanks for letting me stop by!!


6 Responses to “School Lunch For Picky Eaters From Tatertots and Jello”

  • Sara

    I want those lunch boxes, not sure where you live but did you buy those this year, I live in GA so I would love to go pick some up! the Bento picnic box. Also a website that is great for bento ideas is

  • Cat

    This is so great! Thanks for the post. I wish I had the time to make more ‘food art’ for my kids, but I’d have to start the night before! Oh well 🙂

  • jen @ tatertots and jello

    Hi Sara! They had them a few weeks ago at Target. They might still be in their clearance section online 🙂

    Thanks for letting me come by Tiffany!! It has been so fun – I love it here!!!


  • Zsa Zsa

    Lovely lunchboxes! Love the thermos and the lunch planner too! Thanks so much, it’s fun being creative with kids’ lunches 🙂

  • Kim

    I don’t see how making a lunch pretty is going to fool my picky 6 year old. She will not eat anything healthy. It’s almost a matter of principle. We have played the “if you don’t eat dinner, you get nothing” game. That results with her holding out for days…
    Changing the shape of the food, or the container does not make a difference for a child that is actually picky.

    • eva

      I am afraid I have to agree. My 6 years old is picky and I don’t think she will eat what she normally doesn’t just because it looks pretty. I wished she did, but I am afraid she would just say, oh, how pretty, but no, I will not eat this. And all the effort and time was wasted.

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