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Hi Simply Modern Mom readers! This is Amy from Mod Podge Rocks – excited to be here to share one of my favorite tutorials with you. You may think it’s a bit early for Christmas, but the craft world gets a pass since it takes awhile to gather supplies and actually make something. I personally start making gifts in early October so that I have plenty of time!

These ornaments are quite easy to make – especially for kids. Mod Podge is safe for children to use, by the way. If you are a seamstress, you are going to love this project because those scraps you’ve been saving finally have a use. Here’s the tutorial. Enjoy.


  • Mod Podge – your choice of flavors. I used Glitter Gold, Glitter Silver and Gloss
  • paper mache ornaments – as many as you want to make
  • fabric scraps – I didn’t have any holiday ones specificially so I bought 1/8 yard pieces from JoAnn. They were only around $.30 a piece with the sales right now
  • embellishments – whatever you have laying around; I used ribbon and buttons
  • flat paint brush – one for everyone!
  • Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue
  • scissors

Here are the goods. A couple of paper balls and some fabric. Oh, styrofoam works too, but I liked these because the hanger was attached. I have little patience when it comes to hanger-ing.

1. Cut your fabric into manageable bits – circles, squares, octahedrons – whatever! Parents, you obviously might want to do this part depending on the child’s age.

2. Kids love to get messy, and so do I! Work one or two shapes at a time, putting Mod Podge down on the ball and then placing the fabric squares. Tell the kids not to do too big of an area at once – we don’t want crying when the Mod Podge dries and nothing sticks!

3. Kids should keep coating and adding fabric. I had a great time! Cover the entire ball.

4. Use your Glitter Podges to coat the outsides. It’s so fun and it really sparkles. Add as many coats as you like!

5. Set the ornaments asie to dry for 15 – 20 minutes. Use your Beacon craft glue to add embellishments. I added buttons, ribbon, etc – whatever floats your boat! Again, make sure your glue is child safe if the little ones are going to be attaching embellishments. Set to dry for at least a few hours before hanging on the tree.

Thanks to Tiffany for having me – and Simply Modern Mom readers, feel free to visit me any time at Mod Podge Rocks.  There’s always some sort of glue action going on, and a good dog story or two.  Hope to see you soon!

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  • Melissa

    Great project! Where did you find the paper balls? I’m looking online at Michael’s and can’t seem to find any… thanks!


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