Over-Used Recipe: Chicken Stock By Pepper Design Blog

Today’s guest post is from Morgan of Pepper Design Blog. I’ve loved her blog for all the fun crafty ideas and the home design inspirations. She has such a fun blog that is a little of everything. Today she is sharing a great stock recipe for the winter. Yay!

A favorite recipe around my house during the holidays is a delicious, savory, handmade chicken stock. This stock is most enjoyable while simmering on the stove on a cool night – filling the house with its aromatic deliciousness. And then of course we use it like crazy – it’s the base for a creamy carrot soup or the water substitute for a mushroom risotto.

Have the sniffles? A cup all by itself will cure that in a jiffy.

I’d be lying if I left you under the impression that I prepare this handmade stock myself. No, my hubby and the official house chef creates his own made-from-scratch stock and then shares with me the fruits of his labor.

The secret to Kevin’s stock is the intense seasoning that he soaks his chicken in. When we’ve finished off a roasted chicken (ahem, Costco), he pulls the entire bird apart, places it in a few inches of water and then PACKS the pan full of vegetables and fresh herbs (lots and lots and lots of fresh herbs). Then he salts and peppers like it’s nobody’s business.

Then boil, bring to a simmer, and wait. Hours. Shoot, a full day.

You’ll know when your stock is ready for use when it fills the entire house with its yumminess. Now feel free to bag, freeze in ice cube trays or pour in glass carafes/jugs to refrigerate until you need it next. Once you go homemade I promise, you’ll never go back!

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