Crochet Baby Boots

So… I’ve been in a crocheting mood lately. Ever since Eve was born, I’ve been itching to get my hands busy with some yarn and crochet hooks. What really motivated me to crochet was finding some amazing crocheting patterns online. My first project is from Crochet Baby Boutique. Her shop is full of adorable shoes, hats and headbands. I made these crochet boots for Eve just in time for winter. She wore them to church on Sunday and looked so fashionable. I loved how it turned out with the scallop on the top and the big wooden buttons (I got those from Moda).

Crochet Baby Boutique crochet patterns are pretty easy to follow. But you do need to know how to read crochet instructions. I would say these patterns are not for beginner crocheters. The patterns come with some pictures in the instructions showing portions of the written instructions. And the pattern has instructions for various sized boots.

Β» Tell me… Do you crochet or knit? What do you like to crochet/knit?

Note: Crochet Baby Boutique is a sponsor of Simply Modern Mom. But these are my own words.

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