Eve’s Birth Announcement

Yeah. I know my little baby is 3 months old and I’m just now posting about her birth announcement. The good thing is I actually had these made and sent out over a month ago. So I wasn’t too behind on things. I’m just a little behind on posting about it. These turned out super cute. I did a quick photo shoot with her on our couch on day. Then had the photos printed on Moo business cards. I wanted them tiny like a baby. I also made tiny envelopes to go with the tiny cards. Finally, I calligraphied everyone’s name and addresses on the envelopes to send them off.

I went with Moo because I love their business cards. They are slightly bigger than normal business cards. They are thicker cards with a smooth matte laminate. The print quality for photos is amazing. And you can import as many photos as you want to go on each different card. I had Eve’s photo on one side then her birth info with a small photo of her foot on the back side.

» Tell me… Do you send out birth announcements for your children? What service do you like to use for birth announcements?

Disclaimer: This was not a paid post by Moo. And SMM is not an affiliate of Moo. SMM did not receive any free products or services from Moo.

5 Responses to “Eve’s Birth Announcement”

  • denese

    stop the presses.

    these are the most adorable announcements, ever!!! There so fabulous I want you to send me some and we’ve never even met!

    I’m a big believer thank thank you notes, announcements and apologies are never too late.

    And I LOVE the calligraphy! Did you pen it?

  • Emily

    Those are darling!!! What a great idea! 🙂 I never sent out a birth announcement but do send out thank yous and Christmas cards.

  • Charlene

    I sent out birth announcements – printed by Costco! Cheap, easy, and came with envelopes. How in the world did you have enough energy and time to do calligraphy for all of them??!! You’re awesome!!


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