SMM Stickers

Ever since came out with stickers I’ve been wanting to purchase some. I just didn’t know what to put on them. Then recently I’ve been making quite a few items for people and I wanted some way to label them. And then the light bulb came on. That’s what I will do for my Moo stickers. It worked out perfect that I ordered these around Black Friday weekend when they were 30 percent off. This has totally motivated me to keep making stuff for people so I can use these stickers. The little white line under “made by tiffany” is

» Tell me… When you make things for people or gifts for people, do you label your work?

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  • Cindy Lyles

    I adore these stickers – thank you very much for the link! To answer your query, yes I label my work…if it is inspired or a confusingly similar derivation of another artist’s work I will hand-write their name on the back (I make primarily cards) such as ‘inspired by {name}’. It is my opinion, and observation, that folks who are not like us and do not create/craft view our work as a means of boasting – typically a handmade card is infinitely superior to store-bought ones, and people who do not craft want others to know they put the time, effort and energy into purchasing something superior. So…label your work!

  • Emily

    What a smart idea!! I got some iron on labels and love them but hadn’t even thought about stickers. 🙂

  • Nikki

    stickers are fun. i’ve been thinking i want some pineapple stickers made. i might just need to do it!


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