Crochet Beard Hat

Sorry if you don’t crochet and you are tired of my overload of crochet posts lately. Can you tell I have been on a crocheting mood lately? I promise I will move on from crocheting soon. I have other projects. I just made this one as a gift. My cousin and his wife are expecting their third child. Their older two girls are the same age as my two older girls. And this, being their third, is going to be a boy. How exciting, right?

Well, for just before Christmas, my cousin showed me these beard hats he found on Etsy and thought was the coolest thing. Then on Christmas day, he showed up to our family gathering wearing a beard hat. His parents ordered one for him for Christmas. So I thought it would be cute to make a beard hat for their baby boy who is expected to arrive in a few weeks. Matching beard hats. Cute or freaky?

And since I don’t have any boys of my own to model the beard hats for me, I used my girls. I purchased the pattern from this Etsy shop. I have purchased several other hat patterns from Dusty because she has such cute hat designs.

Β» Tell me… What do you think of the beard hat? Is it too weird or hilarious?


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