Friday’s 5 at 5: Must Have Cake Decorating Tools

Every year I make birthday cakes for all birthday occasions. I have never bought a birthday cake from the store before. However, just because I made the cakes doesn’t mean they have all been from scratch. Nope. Some of them were boxed cake mix ones. And I am not a professional cake decorator. Not at all. I do enjoy seeing pretty cake and at my very basic and amateur level I try to make my cakes or cupcakes pretty. Some fun ones I have made was the ice cream castle cake and the ice cream cone cupcakes. Um. Just realized both cakes had to do with ice cream. Huh. I love ice cream.

Anyway, even at my amateur level there are a few cake decorating tools that everyone must have on hand…

  1. Cake decorating tips and coupler. I have various types of tips and sizes too. The coupler are the white rings that attaches the tip to the bag. My favorite tip to use is the round circle ones.
  2. Decorating Bags. I used to just put frosting in a ziplock bag and cut off one of the bottom corners. Then I thought I would give these decorative bags a try since they go with the decorative tips. Ah-mazing. The trick to filling these bags is after attaching the tip, place the bag (tip down) in a tall glass and the opening of the bag folded over the top of the glass. Fill with frosting then twist to close.
  3. Cake knife spatula. I bought this one because it was a combo spatula and a knife. I use the knife part to cut layers of my cake flat. Then the spatula side to even and level the frosting.
  4. Silicone spatulas and spoonulas. Great for frosting cupcakes or cakes. And also used for scraping the side of bowls to use all the batter.
  5. Cute cupcake liners. I always have printed and plain white cupcake liners on hand. It just brings a personal touch to the cupcakes.

» Tell me… Which cake decorating tools are a must have for you?

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