Friday’s 5 at 5: Planning a Birthday Party

Elle’s  birthday is coming up. It’s hard that her birthday is shortly after Christmas and New Year because it doesn’t give me much time to plan for a party. That’s one of the main reasons why I haven’t done a big party for her yet and this will be her third birthday. Plus it’s because she is the second child. By this time I have realized that they don’t need a big party each birthday.

This year, I have been busy taking doing the holidays, helping out with Kaye’s school, taking care of sick kids and vacationing that I haven’t had much time to plan a party. I thought I would throw it out there and see if you can give me some ideas for her party. Answer these questions for me…

  1. I thought about maybe doing the party somewhere other than our home like restaurant, museum, etc. But it needs to be somewhere not too expensive since we are just coming off the holidays. Any ideas of places to have a fun birthday party for Elle who will be 3?
  2. How about an idea for a theme? Elle likes princesses, dress up, Buzz Lightyear and all sorts of other girly stuff. But there will be boys at the party too.
  3. Guests to her party will consists of boys and girls her age or around her age. What are some exciting activities to do with them?
  4. What kind of food to serve picky 3-year-olds? The party will probably be around lunch time.
  5. Lastly, what about the cake? Are you are a store bought or homemade cake kind of person? What kind of cake should I make or buy?

The image above is from Kaye’s ice cream party two years ago.

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  • Kassie

    I usually do my kids parties at home. It is less expensive and you have more freedom to do what you want. You could do princess & knight, princess & pirate, fairy & pirate, toy story… The possibilities are endless with this one. Once i get my theme I usually google for some good games that very depending on the age of the kid. But there is usually a tape the sword to the knight/pirate, tape the crown or wings to the princess or fairy. I used to do big elaborate cakes for each party. There was always so much left over, so now i just do cupcakes. 🙂 just remember, she is three and will only remember what you take pictures of. So have fun & don’t stress out about it. 🙂

  • Natalie Hollingshead

    For a 3 year old party, I would stay at home — too much work to coordinate all of the booster/car seats in order to go somewhere. I’ve found that kids like the classic games we played as kids: pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, simon says.

  • Not Just A Mommy!

    When my boys were toddlers, the best parties I’ve had was somewhere they could burn off all that energy! For one, we had a party at our local YMCA, they have an indoor play land, and it was very affordable. They had a separate party room where we did cake and ice cream and gifts. All I did was decorate the tables. Another time, we had a party at a local gymnastic studio. For an hour, the kids ran a jungle gym course with tubes, balance beams, etc. I would totally look into what you have in your area, many of them have great packages. The thought of all of our toddler friends tearing up the house made me very twitchy. 🙂

  • silly eagle books

    I always make cupcakes because they are easy and inexpensive, but if you don’t want to make them, Publix makes some really good ones. Their icing is extra good. 🙂


  • Jessica

    We had a Toy Story party for my son’s birthday with both girls and boys attending – it was a blast! We played pin the badge on sheriff Woody and did an army man hunt (like an Easter egg hunt, but with plastic army men from the dollar store). The kids also did a coloring sheet and played with Mr. Potato Head. I blogged about it here There are tons of great cake ideas for any themed party!

  • Holly

    My husband is a volunteer firefighter. In Indiana (maybe all over) a volunteer station is considered part of the community for limited public use. I know they’ve hosted several birthday parties in one of their large conference rooms and in the truck bays. What kiddo doesn’t love climbing all over a fire truck?

  • Zsa Zsa

    Who doesn’t love kiddie parties! My favorite part is decorating, cooking (helping in the kitchen is more like it) and watching all the kids have a great time! Love outdoor parties, but if you have plenty of space indoors, it’s fun always fun to get creative!


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