Instagram: Organized Closet

This week I reorganized my craft closet. I dream of one day having a craft room/studio to myself. But not while we live in this house. So I claimed this closet space under the stairs as my craft closet. It gets messy quickly. Without a room of my own, whenever I am not done with a project, I either leave it out in the living room or toss it in the closet to get it out of the way. I decided to go through and organize all my craft supplies in clear plastic bins. Ah. I feel so much better.

» Tell me… Where do you keep your craft supplies? How do you keep them organized?

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4 Responses to “Instagram: Organized Closet”

  • colleen @ hello olive

    Looks great! This may be sad to admit but I love it when things are organised neatly. Not that they often are with a 2 year old running around but still, one can dream 🙂

  • Ellen

    I am band to the basement…….. at least i can leave out a project I am working on…. but still since in the basement, its not organize like i would like it to be… ON my to do list…..

  • Emily

    Looks great! I need serious help in the organizing sewing stuff department. I don’t have a dedicated space and I don’t have many closets (or a pantry or a basement) so it’s spread out through the house. My goal is to find a good place for my sewing machine that isn’t the kitchen table.

  • Ms K

    Where do I keep them? Um. scrapbooking stuff is in a bag in the lounge, sewing stuff is on my sewing desk, and strewn across the lounge, beads are under the exercycle… oh to have a nice area to put it all on!


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