Bubbles Valentine’s Day Card Printable

This Valentine’s Day is a special one for Kaye. It’s her first time experiencing Valentine’s Day at school with her friends. She’ll find out what it’s like to exchange cute Valentines with her classmates. So I wanted to make a special one for her to hand out next Tuesday. I had extra bubbles from Elle’s birthday party so I created a Valentine’s Day card using the bubbles. I found these bubbles at Target, a pack of 12 for $2. But you can find these also in the wedding sections at craft stores.

You know me… totally simple but cute. So print it out and use it for your child’s Valentine’s. It is best if printed on thick (100 pound) card stock paper. And white card stock is the best since the font is really thin and the colors are light.

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To make this card just like mine, I made a little tutorial for you…


1. Once you download the card, cut on the lines to create 4 cards from one sheet.

2. Place the bubble on the card’s white space (left side) to get a feel for where you need to punch holes. Punch two holes for the strings to go through.

3. Place the double-sided adhesive squares in the middle of the holes punched in step 2. And stick the bubble to it.

4. Tie the tag to the bubble (optional) using baker’s twine.

5. String baker’s twine through the holes and tie a bow to keep the bubble in place. And done!

» Tell me… What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy to receive?

24 Responses to “Bubbles Valentine’s Day Card Printable”

  • Erika

    These are absolutely the best! I just posted about what we are doing for my Little Guy’s classmates and included a link back here. This is definitely something we will consider for next year- LOVE IT!
    I love anything dark chocolate really, but if I was going for decadent- dark chocolate covered coconut. mmmmm….

  • Katey

    Thanks! We just made these for my daughter’s preschool class. We used your template and then attached each card to pink 4.5×6.5 cardstock. I assembled and she wrote her name at the bottom and attached a few stickers. They look really cute and she’s excited to give them out!

  • kamaile

    My son has food allergies so we try to exchange gifts/valentine’s that don’t involve food. I love this idea! It’s totally something I could do.

    • Tiffany

      My kids have food allergies to so I love all these non-candy ideas. Plus we don’t do a ton of candy around here so its nice to give something more fun instead of junk food they don’t need!

  • Sandra Barsa

    beautiful idea… especially since many teacher prefer a non-food valentine!

  • Stephanie in MI


    I love this project, and so does my daughter. I’m trying to download the pdf and am having some trouble doing so. Would you be willing to email it to me? Thank you so much,


  • Kristina

    So cute! Any chance you would be willing to change the wording so I could use it as a teacher to give to my students?

  • Kathryn

    Fabulous! Our dollar store has little bubble containers that would be perfect. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I got the bubbles and KNEW there had to be a way to make them a CUTE CUTE CUTE valentine!! Thanks sooooo much for sharing all the steps!! This ROCKS!

  • Haylee

    Thanks so much for the printable! I just made these for my son’s school v-day card! Too Cute!!

  • Tera

    I made these for my son’s 3rd grade class and my daughter’s 1st grade class. They are so adorable, I am sure the kids will love them!

  • Andrea

    Would you mind sharing the font used. I was thinking about using the same font on my daughter’s valentine’s but I’m not sure what font is used. Thank You!

  • Kathrene

    This is really Neat thank you for sharing this with us especially for teachers who are on a tight budget


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