A Few Housekeeping Items…

Hello Friday. Oh how I love you. I just have a few housekeeping items for you today to keep you in the loop as to what’s happening here on Simply Modern Mom…

First of all, check out my cool feature on Parenting Magazine’s website. They featured my paper mailbox tutorial and pattern for Valentine’s Day. I am the last one on the slideshow. But do go see some of the other great Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. Full of fun ideas.

Secondly, thanks for all your wonderful responses to my crochet heart garland. Many of you said you would like to have the pattern for it. I am working on it but unfortunately I probably won’t get it to you before this Valentine’s Day.

Third, I also wanted to thank you for your encouraging and uplifting thoughts and prayers for my family at this time of my grandfather’s passing. You are truly wonderful friends in my life.

Lastly, we are all sick again. This winter has been rough on our medical bills. A couple weeks ago Kaye came home from kindergarten with a cold from germs shared by a classmate. The virus was passed over to Elle last week, then me earlier this week. I’m at the tail end of it today. But baby Eve got it two days ago. I actually took her to the pediatrician yesterday because she was puking up, very much like the time she had RSV and bronchiolitis. Sure enough, she has bronchiolitis again. So here we go with the breathing treatments. That poor girl had a fever of 102 degrees last night. I hope she gets better soon.

Happy weekend! Let’s talk again soon.

» Tell me… What are your plans this weekend? Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

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