BTB Tips # 32: Soap Dispensers

I ask my children to wash their hands often at home. And when they do, they usually squirt too much soap because they push the dispenser all the way down. So to save soap, I tied a rubber band around the top so when they push the dispenser down, it actually only goes halfway. Just the right amount they need to clean their hands.

» Tell me… Does anyone use bar soap any more?

11 Responses to “BTB Tips # 32: Soap Dispensers”

  • Patti

    What a great idea! We actually switched to bar soap in the 2 bathrooms the kids use because they would use too much liquid soap. They also use bar soap in the tub for the same reason. I may have to try this trick though. Thanks!

  • Mika

    Great idea! I totally have that problem with my kid. I actually still use bar soap because I love a nice smelling handmade bar of soap and if it is still fairly new I like the look of it on the counter. I might be biased too since I was at one point making my own soap bars as a hobby.

  • Emily

    What a super smart idea!! 🙂 I bought automatic soap dispensers and don’t like how some of them go through so much soap but do like the no touch convenience, especially in the kitchen or one handed. We don’t use bar soap anymore but I might grate some to make laundry soap after I’m out of fels naphtha.

  • Rachel Ridgeway

    I prefer to shower with bar soap and I use bar soap to wash my face every night. The children wash with liquid soap that I usually water down since everytime I don’t the majority goes straight down the drain. I will have to try the rubberband idea.

  • colleen @ hello olive

    I prefer bar soap mainly because I think it’s better for the environment (less packaging) but we generally only use it in the shower. I use soap dispensers in the kitchen though cause it’s easier and more hygienic with grubby hands when I’m cooking and baking. x

  • Tricia @ {every}nothing wonderful

    We only use bar soaps, actually, in the bathrooms. The only place I use liquid is the kitchen. We’re lucky enough to have a friend who makes great soap and they are perfect for very sensitive skin (which we have).

  • Mrs K

    Ug, we go through so much soap! It’s not cos too much comes out, it’s cos they press it SO many times!

  • Denise

    Saw show on British TV that referred to scientific studies: liquid soap costs 4 times more than bar soap. I always use bar soap except in kitchen, for one-handed cleaning.


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