Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day is filled with love and sweetness. A bit too cheesy? Sorry. I am especially excited about this Valentine’s Day because I will be spending the day with Kaye in her kindergarten class at their Valentine’s Day party. And I think this holiday is the most fun seen through a little child’s eyes.

And if Nathan were to get me a Valentine’s Day card, it would be the one pictured above. It’s from DawnCorrespondence’s Etsy shop. Isn’t it cute?

Thanks for your happy thoughts toward my sick family. Unfortunately we are all still battling this nasty virus. It’s a mean one. Just when I thought the older girls were getting better, they woke up yesterday to stuffy noses again. And we haven’t been out of the house for 3-4 days so I know it’s the same bug. Even I am still trying to get rid of the congestions. Baby Eve is still a sad story – hating her breathing treatments five times a day and having a hard time keeping down her meals.

With sick kids, Nathan and I decided to stay home for Valentine’s Day. We’re thinking ordering take out and hang out at home after putting the kids to bed. Perhaps we’ll use one of our at-home date ideas from Project 52: Date Nights. Here’s a list of at-home date ideas if you are still looking for something to do tonight, click on the link…

33 At-Home Date Night Ideas

» Tell me… What are you doing today for Valentine’s Day?


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  • Amanda

    Oh gosh! How delighted I was to come here and see my Steve Jobs card 🙂 So sweet! Thank you, and happy, happy Valentine’s Day!


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