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This is what laundry day is like at my house. Pink is the theme in the Bird household. When I knew I was pregnant with my first girl, I didn’t want pink everything. So I actually bought a lot of purples and lavender clothes and nursery decorations. However, as Kaye got older, she started liking pink everything. At 5 year old she now says her favorite color is rainbow… every color in the rainbow. But then the 3-year-old started to be obsessed with pink. She can only eat out of pink bowls, drink with pink cups, wear pink clothes head to toe. Sometimes I think she sees the entire world in pink. Baby has yet to pick a favorite color.

» Tell me… What is your children’s favorite color? How has it changed as they have grown older?

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  • Zsa Zsa

    I tried to steer away my first daughter from pink and she now loves really bright colors like red, yellow, and orange. I didn’t influence my younger one and she gravitated to pink. So far, they still like what they liked since they were kids and the older one is now 12.

  • Crinkled

    When my daughter was a baby I dressed her mostly in blue (my favourite colour) and unisex clothes, so that I could reuse them again for future children. As she has gotten older she prefers to wear pink 90% of the time. She regularly dresses like a girly girl and I have no idea why, as I was a tomboy growing up, I don’t really like pink and have never really encouraged the girly things. She is 5 now.

  • MichelleH

    LOL Love the washer shot! My daughter loves purple, all shades lavender to almost black. When they love just one color at least it’s easy to match outfits. 😉

  • chris

    When my oldest daughter was born, 25 years ago, it seemed as if everyone had given us pink clothing, she still loves pink!! She is now buying it for her daughter who will pick the brightest pink when shown 2-3 outfits! When my younger girls were born it seems there were more colors to be had, my 12 yr old loves orange and my 10 year old loves a rainbow of color in her attire!

  • Jennifer @ Eco And Elsie

    This is going to sound really weird, but I totally see an “angry bird” in your laundry. Am I wrong? The pinks just look very red on my screen and the center spindle is the eye. Hehe! My daughter is only 18 months so I don’t think she has a favorite color yet, but I am still a big pink fan. Poor girl wears pink almost every day. 🙂


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