BTB Tip #33: Organizing Children’s Closet

Back to basics tip #31: If you have girls, you know they have lots of accessories and hair accessories. And it is hard to keep it all organized. So I purchased a shoe organizer to hang inside their closet to organize all their little things. Hair bands, head bands, hair clips, little toiletry items and so forth. I like clear because so I can easily see what’s inside the pockets.

Β» Tell me… How do you keep all the little stuff organized?

5 Responses to “BTB Tip #33: Organizing Children’s Closet”

  • Erika

    Umm, I don’t. I’m constanting telling my daughter to clean up her room… shoving everything in her drawers and closet isn’t cleaning! I need to get one of these… great idea!

  • Cyndi Bird

    You are so great at organizing…and being an organizer too…I love the ideas! πŸ™‚

  • Melissa

    I put a child proofing magnetic alarm inside my kids closets so they can’t mess them up πŸ™‚ now they stay organized.
    I have a hanging organizer for each kid (2 per closet) and a 3 drawer cart at the bottom. I use different colored hanger for each child and I keep a tote in the top of the closet for each to put in the new stuff I buy for the next size or season. A shoe organizer hangs inside the door for extra shoes and misc accessories and a coat hook rack hangs on the outside for all their jackets and coats. I am considering mounting a second hook rack midway down the door to hang backpacks and suck on.


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