Crochet Bear Hat

This girl needed some ears. So I made her some. This is a crochet bear hat with ear flaps to keep her ears warm. I loved making these so much that I’ve been making a few more of them as baby gifts for friends. And I’ve been making these in all different sizes.

Right now, I have 12 friends and family who are pregnant. And of those 12, eight of them are expecting girls! One of them expecting a boy. And two of them still unknown. 2012 must be the year of girls. So you can imagine I’ve been busy crocheting baby gifts and making burp cloths for everyone. I should start thinking of other kinds of baby gifts to make other than crochet. I need a reason to pull out my sewing machine again.

Β» Tell me… Your friends/family who are pregnant right now, are they mostly baby boys or baby girls or a good mix of both?

5 Responses to “Crochet Bear Hat”

  • Line

    So so cute! I’m glad to hear that 2012 is the year of the girls, because I’m really hoping my twins are girls. πŸ™‚

  • Cheree

    It seems like everyone I know is currently pregnant or had a baby in the last 6 months – mostly boys in my circle of friends though.

  • Ronni

    I’m expecting a baby girl in July (my first) and that hat is SUPER SUPER CUTE!


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