Friday’s 5 at 5: Thrifted Girls’ Room Decor

What’s a room without decorations, right? It was tricky finding decorations for a girls’ pink bedroom without it being too cheesy or cutesy. I wanted a classy pink room. So I tried to find thrifted things I could turn into nice decorations for the girls’ room.

  1. Gum ball machine. Then I spray painted it an antique color. I was having a hard time finding something to fill the gum ball machine. I didn’t want to fill it with actual gum balls because I didn’t want food in the girls’ room. I thought about finding some bouncy balls but couldn’t find cute color balls to match the room. So I finally came up with the idea to fill it with balls of yarn. Turned out better than I expected. I love it. 
  2. Matching frames for the artwork. I found a couple of matching frames at the thrift store with artwork that I didn’t care for. So I stripped it down and painting the frames to match the room. Then I purchased a few adorable art prints for the room from Sarah Jane Studio to put in these frames. I think they turned out really well. 
  3. Princess mirror. My mom found this at a yard sale for me. She knows how much my girls love princesses. So this mirror went perfectly in their pink room. I hung it inside their closet door. 
  4. White dresser. It’s a simple, cheap white dresser. I needed it to put all the girls’ clothes. Elle’s clothes on one side and Kaye’s on the other. Their closet is split completely in half for each girl. 
  5. Large frame for the chalkboard. I mentioned this before in my tutorial on how to frame a chalkboard. I bought this at Goodwill for $36. It’s a bit much for a frame, but it’s actually a really large frame which are hard to find. 

» Tell me… Where do you find the best thrifted stuff? Thrift stores, antique stores, markets or yard sales?

4 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: Thrifted Girls’ Room Decor”

  • Sara

    $36 is a BIT much, but for a frame that big? That’s a steal! I love buying frames at Goodwill! And if I were willing to paint, there would be even more great buys! (We’re in a little rental condo, so not much opportunity for painting…)

  • Laura

    At first glance i thought it’s not the balls of yarn, but painted walnuts 🙂
    Anyway, love what you do! Good luck!

  • Angela

    I adore that gum ball machine!! Awesome idea! One of my favorite sources is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.


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