Girls’ Pink Bedroom Makeover

Poor Nathan. Living with four females he is way out numbered. The girls and I have slowly introduced him to the color pink and forced him to love it. When we were putting the two older girls in the same room on a bunk bed, we thought it was a good time to make it a room they will love.

I had this idea in my head of what I wanted their room to look like. I started sketching away in my notebook. Although this was going to be a pink bedroom for little girls, I wanted it to be classy rather than cutesy. Nathan painted this room almost entirely by himself. I helped out a little here and there. But he said he had never seen so many shades of pink before in his life. Ha!

I will go into more details about the room in a later post. This is just a quick overview of what it looks like now. The room consisted of three pink colors and a hint of green and white as accent colors. I am one who is not afraid to use white. I love white.

After painting the room, I put together a few little decorative details. I made a flock of butterflies fly through the room. They are actually magnetic and stick to the wall by magnets. I purchased a couple adorable children’s artwork from Sarah Jane Studios and framed it myself. I love Sarah’s work and it just so happened that I used to work  for her uncle when I worked in framing! Small world.

Here are some pictures of what the room looked like before…

Did you see that lip gloss on the wall next to the dresser? Yeah. That was on the builder’s flat paint so we couldn’t get that off. It was just a plain cream colored room. It needed lots of colors for the girls to really love it.

I had already previously posted some information about the room…

We used Behr paints for the room. I use Behr paints for my entire house. I love their Premium Plus Ultra paint that is primer and paint in one. It seriously saves so much time and money. And the quality is amazing. I use satin sheen on for easy cleaning and durability. More about this room coming soon! Hope you liked it.

» Tell me… How did you come up with ideas for your children’s rooms? How did you decorate their rooms?

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