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We don’t do the bus thing in the Bird household. Not that I’m against school buses. It’s just that I’m a little uneasy about them. I used to ride the bus when I was in middle school and high school. So I know what it was like. In elementary school I walked to school. That was in Hawaii and we lived close enough to walk. The thing is the Kaye is the only kindergartener in our neighborhood who would ride the bus. And one of the few girls. There are two girls who rides the bus but they are much older.

Plus I enjoy picking her up and dropping her off at school. It’s time I get to ask her about her day and talk about school and stuff. We have some of our best conversations during that time. I know it’s not going to be like that forever. She’ll probably stop talking to me around middle school. So I’m going to enjoy this for as long as I can.

» Tell me… Are your children bus riders or not? Why?

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  • Lisa

    Ah, the dreaded car line. I’ve given up. I find it’s quicker to park a block from school, meet my girls in car line (brief chat with teacher if anything important happened) then walk them back to my car.

    I pick them up on my way home from my reduced work schedule, but even so I think they’re too young for the bus until maybe 3rd grade (maybe). Or maybe I am just being over protective, but I too know what happens on the bus (it’s worse than the playground most days).

  • Kerry C.

    I know this will shock you! NOT!! : ) I am a car line mom too!!! I have been in the car line business for 16 years and am happy to do it! I also look forward to seeing how their day went and their fun stories. The number of reasons I don’t like the bus are too long to list. lol

  • bri

    We’re not bus riders,
    1. because my kids go to a teeny little private school that can’t afford a bus, let alone buses, but
    2. because I HATED riding the bus when I was younger. There were loud and scary kids who yelled or did naughty things in the back and the bus driver either ignored them or fought with them on a daily basis.
    Also, I don’t understand the whole strict laws about carseats (for younger kids) unless your on a bus…?
    Nope. No way will my kids ride the bus. ;o)

  • Brigid

    Nice to read this one and all the comments. I have my first one starting kindergarten this coming fall and am dreading having her ride the bus!! I am a scared mommy ;0) I am unsure what to do…I think it may be a valuable experience for her, but am so freaked about the negative possibilities!! Anyone have any good experiences to share??

  • Patti

    We’re a quick 7 minute walk to school – and like you, I enjoy that time to chat. We are lucky in that our kids won’t be bus students til high school. I had to take the bus in junior and high school and was not a fan. Too crowded, stinky and long were the biggest complaints (oh and much harder to get homework done on a bumpy bus). Luckily there were never any issues with the kids I took it with.

  • Zsa Zsa

    My kids aren’t bus riders simply because they don’t have a school bus. We would still bring them to school if there was one because their school isn’t that far.

  • Khrystena

    I live in a walking neighborhood. We have 4 schools within walking distance of my house. We still end up using our cars to pick up my daughter. We do not have a car line though. Parents are expected to wait for their children coming outside of the doors!

  • chris

    My children ride the bus!! eek gads! I know, however, with my oldest daughter we lived within walking distance and I walked her until she was in 2nd grade, then she wanted to walk with her friends, then my schedule changed and it was either let her walk with them or work the night shift…….she is a very independant young woman now. I remember when my now 12 year old started school, she could not wait to ride the bus to school, so on the first day of school, I went to work in morning and my oldest daughter followed the bus to make sure all went well, this also allowed the girl I worked with to drive her children to school the first day. Then she covered the desk in afternoon so that I could be there to meet the bus when she got home. We did this routine until 2nd grade.


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