Magnetic Butterflies on the Wall Tutorial

With the walls painted in magnetic paint, I thought some flying butterflies would be a nice touch. Who doesn’t like a flock of butterflies, right? It was super easy to make.


  • fabric
  • regular interfacing or iron-on fusible interfacing
  • water erasing fabric markers
  • iron
  • glue gun
  • small super strong magnets (Warning: Do not let your children play with these. It will harm them if the magnets are swallowed.)

1. I used left over white fabric I had from making the back-out drapes in the girls’ room. Because my fabric was white and the interfacing was also white, it worked. If you are using colored or patterned fabric and you don’t want to have white on one side of the fabric, then use iron-on fusible interfacing instead of interfacing. Follow the instructions on the interfacing or fusible interfacing and iron it on the wrong side of the fabric.

2. Draw your own butterfly patterns. Trace the patterns on the interfacing with water erasing markers.

3. Cut out the butterflies. Then erase the marker marks using the instructions from your water erasable marker.

I made over 50 butterflies for the girls’ room. I wanted a flock of them.

4. Iron the butterflies in half on the symmetrical line.

5. Using the glue gun, glue a small magnet at the fold of the butterfly. Warning: Do not let your children play with these butterflies as they can take off the magnets and potentially eat them. Swallowing magnets will harm them. And done!

I put the butterflies high on the magnetic wall in the girls’ pink bedroom so they can’t reach them.

» Tell me… What would you do with a magnetic wall?

2 Responses to “Magnetic Butterflies on the Wall Tutorial”

  • Sara

    Magnetic wall = SERIOUSLY awesome! I thought it was so cool, I actually turned around and got my hubby’s attention and said, “They used MAGNETIC PRIMER!!! The WHOLE ROOM is MAGNETIC!! It’s GENIUS!!” Our daughter LOVES magnets! She’d love it! You know… when/if we ever actually get a house of our own…

  • Reka

    Wow, never heard of magnetic paint. Is it safe? What I mean is, that with all the electric currents running through an average house today, is introducing magnet not going to mess with these currents and hence our body? (I recently heard of the concept of ‘electric smoke’ in the house, and have since eliminated all plugs and equipment from the bedroom to reduce harm during sleep.) Sorry, don’t mean to be an alarmist, it’s just worth to make sure…


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