A Cute Baby In A Hat

Need I say more? Exactly. This baby is way too adorable for words. This is baby Clara, Dana’s newest addition in her family. You know, Dana from MADE. Dana and I met a few years ago when she came to Atlanta to teach a sewing class. We became friends. So when Clara first arrived, I sent Dana a little package of goodies. Then Dana send me back these adorable pictures of Clara wearing the crochet bonnet I made her. Totally made my day.

» Tell me… Did you have a good April Fool’s? I completely forgot about it. Do you like to pull pranks?

3 Responses to “A Cute Baby In A Hat”

  • Anne marie

    How precious!! Do you have a source for this hat pattern or did you make it up as you crocheted. I am not talented enough to do that.

  • Heather

    Oh I just love that hat. Do you by chance have the pattern anywhere? I crochet hats for the local nicu and would love to make some of those bonnets in white for babies who have passed to go with the bereavement blankets. I know that is a hard subject for some, but I figured if you knew why I wanted the pattern you would understand why it would be perfect.


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