Friday 5 at 5: Excuses To Get Out of Bed

Lately our Elle, who is 3, has been having a hard time going to bed at night. It’s a tough situation. She still takes a nap from about 1 to 2 p.m. No later than 2:30 p.m. But when it’s 7 o’clock for bedtime, she is not tired. If she doesn’t take a nap, she is pretty good about going to bed but extremely emotional and tired starting around 4:30 until bedtime. Here are some excuses she have been using to get out of bed…

  1. “I hear thunder is coming.” Clear skies. Bright moon. Not a chance of storm in sight for days.
  2. “I need to go potty.” Had already gone before bedtime. And this was the third time she went on the potty and nothing.
  3. “I have an ouwie.” Hang nail on her finger. Took care of that.
  4. “Kaye woke me up.” Kaye is in bed. Not a peep out of her. Or even already asleep.
  5. “I need a drink.” Sorry. No drinks before bed. She’s potty trained through the night. Occasional bed wetting is why we still don’t allow drinks before bedtime.

» Tell me… What are some excuses, crazy excuses, your children use to get out of bed during bedtime?


8 Responses to “Friday 5 at 5: Excuses To Get Out of Bed”

  • Yvette

    My almost 6 yo new one is “are there bears in the backyard?”. I heard something down stairs, I think there is a bear coming.

  • TiffanyMac

    HAHA! My 4 y.o son says the same thing! But he also says:

    “We need to do more studies in my activity book.”
    “But mommy, you forgot to clip my nails.”
    “I want the iHome speakers in my room for music.”

  • Jess

    Oh, I am SO right there with you! My son will just look at me with his huge blue eyes welling with tears and say, “But Mommy, it’s lonely in here!” Breaks my heart.

  • Shannon Youngblood

    here are some originals in our home…
    * I just had to tell you I love you.
    * Did you tell (child’s name) goodnight?
    * Did you call me?
    * mom, you’re pretty. …… That’s just a few, I can go on and on…


  • chris

    A few of my faves:
    I miss you already mommy
    What happened to the (character in book of night) again?
    I think you forgot my kisses…………I dont remember do it again
    But then again, could never deny the bad dream…can I sleep with you tonight =(

  • Cecilia

    I get the same from my 5 yo (constantly) and my 2.5 yo (occasionally). I keep thinking that if I make certain they get their exercise everyday, they will be exhausted enough to just go to sleep already! Mine seriously don’t spend as much time outside running and climbing as they should…

  • Melissa

    Penelope does this, too! She always asks for more stories, which Chris always gives to her (not a bad thing, for sure), but she would stay up all night if Chris kept reading her books. We also have a little goodnight routine: hugs, kisses, high-fives and goodnights (more kisses). But sometimes she wants more than that. High two’s (high fives, but with feet), more kisses, and we just have to say no.

    Usually when she’s been read to & is ready to go to sleep she’ll ask me for one more book. I usually tell her that I need to get Felix ready for bed, and she needs to wait until he’s all ready. She’s pretty patient, so she’s okay with that kind of excuse. And as always, she’s usually fast asleep by the time Felix is ready for bed. WIN.


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