First Time Camper Program

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a camper. I have only been camping a few times in my life. I like the idea of camping it seems fun. But what keeps me from going is the bugs. I’m not a bug person. It all stems from the fact that I am allergic to mosquitoes. Yes, there is such a thing. So if I keep my bug sprays close, I’m usually OK. Anyway, now I am tempted to go camping because I found out about this program for us newbies. It’s called First time Campers and it is only available in a few states right now – Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maine and Michigan.

First Time Campers Program is where you pay a small fee and the state park provides most of the camping gear and equipment you need. They will even get you situated and help you build a fire. This is a great option for those who don’t have or can’t afford camping gear. And it’s also a great way to test the waters of camping if you have never done so before.

» Tell me… Do you take your children camping? Do they enjoy it?

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  • Shannon from Michigan

    Tiffany, I was raised camping often during the summers. Then in college I met my husband and got him into tent camping. Now, we have 2 girls that we have been camping with from the start. They love it and we love it! Madeline’s first trip was when she was 6 months old (she is now 5). Olivia’s first trip was 4 weeks old (she is 2). They have been begging to go camping all winter. Now we have been prepping for our first trip over memorial day weekend and they are bouncing with excitement! It will provide you and your girls with tons of great memories and adventures!

  • jesser

    We just got back from our first camping trip of the year! We love to camp with the kids, but living in CO makes it easier for sure … there are bugs, but they are not as bad as in some of the more humid locales in the country. We have a pop-up camper and that makes things so much easier than they would otherwise be with little ones since we can keep tabs on them more easily and our stuff stays put trip-to-trip. We don’t have much of a backyard and taking them camping is such a great opportunity to give them the outdoor time they crave. They played in the dirt and climbed trees all weekend and they are the best kind of exhausted at bedtime. It’s not always easy but it’s always been worth it!

  • Emily

    I don’t really like camping b/c of the bugs and the fact that I never get a decent night’s sleep and have a headache the rest of the time. Plus, being the mom now I’m in charge of all the food. I think it’s a blessing my husband works with the Scouts so he can go camping every month and I don’t have to. My daughter likes it though and we’ll probably go at least once this summer.

  • colleen @ hello olive

    Hmmm, I’m not much of a camper either. I have this irrational fear that I’ll wake up with a snake in my sleeping bag! Too much TV for me 🙂


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