Friday’s 5 at 5: Procrastination

Ugh. I think “procrastination” is my middle name right now. Our calendar has been full the whole month of June and when I do get a “free” moment I don’t really want to do anything productive. Here’s what I should be doing…

  1. Making hair clips for my girls. I many different ideas for cute hair accessories for the girlies.
  2. Sewing a dress for baby Eve. I have been thinking about doing more pillowcase dresses like the pleated bow dress or the retro ruffle dress.
  3. Cleaning my house. I have company coming over next week and I should be doing a lot of cleaning.
  4. Putting pictures back on our walls. I’m embarrassed to even say this… When we repainted the downstairs of our house early last year we took down all the stuff on the walls. We only put a few things back up but most of the walls are still bare. I need to put all the other stuff back up.
  5. Spray painting. I have been collecting frames to put on a huge wall along the stairway of our house. But the frames are all different colors. They need a makeover.

Rather than doing the stuff listed above, I am doing this instead…

  1. Watching MasterChef. I love that show. Mostly because I am not a good cook. But I love eating good food. So I enjoy watching the process of how good food are made.
  2. Running the girls to swim lessons and tumbling lessons. It’s exhausting. I guess it’s a glimpse to what my life is going to be like in the near future. Right now the girls have swim Monday through Wednesday for two weeks and tumbling classes once a week on Thursday for the entire summer. Getting them there and staying there with a baby girl who doesn’t want to sit still. Fun times.
  3. Taking care of a baby with a summer cold. Yeah, she came down with a cold this week. Luckily it’s been just runny nose and cough. No fever. Phew.
  4. Working out. Hitting the gym. Still trying to lose weight. Although the girls’ busy schedule is throwing my workout schedule off this week and next.
  5. Playing with the family. It’s summer! We’re having fun doing things together as a family and creating memories.
OK. I’m going to get myself into gear and get a tutorial up for you next week. There I said it. Now I gotta go do it!

» Tell me… What’s on your to do list that you’re not accomplishing? Are you having a hard time getting anything done because it’s summer like I am?

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  • Emily

    I’m pretty much not getting anything done now that it’s nice out- that sadly includes meal planning, cooking, cleaning, and sewing. My sewing list is so long!


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