Summer Adventures: Dairy Farm

Did you have a wonderful weekend? I tell ya… (in my Southern accent, which I don’t really have one because I wasn’t raised in Georgia) the summer heat is really settling in right now. It is hot here in Atlanta. The humidity is thick. You feel like you are swimming when you are just walking around outside. Phew.

Last Saturday we took the girls for a field trip to the farm. Isn’t that funny that we are so modernized now that a farm is a specialized attraction? So yeah, we took the girls to see the farm and learn how we get the milk we drink. Well, they drink. I drink soy milk. It was a fun outing and glad we went in the morning. We were all dripping in sweat by the time we left the farm around noon.

We also went on a tractor hayride where they did a demonstration of sheep herding with the farm dog. Just like they do in the movie Babe. I know. How sad is that where my only reference to sheep herding is a children’s movie?! Gosh. I need to get out more.

It was so cool to see it. The sheep all stayed together and ran around the field as directed by the sheepdog.

Next came the cows. They came pretty close to the tractor and hung out for a while. Flies and all. Even got a poop demonstration. The girls thought that was disgustingly funny.

And after all that work the doggy rested in the water. He needed to cool off in this heat too. Elle loved watching the dog. That was her favorite.

Next was feeding the farm animals. They gave the calf corn leaves. The calf liked their hands clean.

And watched another calf drink milk from a gigantic bottle. That baby knew how to chug.

Baby Eve enjoyed herself. She did well even though the entire farm tour was during her nap time.

And the day ended with them jumping on the large ground trampoline. Oh wait, and a cool off at the pool.

» Tell me… What you have been doing with the kids this summer? Have you taken your children to tour a farm before? Do you live near or on a farm?


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  • Jen

    We liveon a small farm with goats, dogs, cats, chickens and horses. Have had cows and sheep in the past as well. We have been lucky enough to be beach bunnies this summer and going back next week, too! Your field trip looks like a lot of fun and so important for kids to see where there food comes from. Have a great week!

  • April

    You take the best pictures! I clearly remember that day at the farm and it was SUPER hot and really dirty. You pictures make it look like a clean cool outing. Ok maybe not cool but warm at most. It was an eye opener for me to appreciate how much work is put into growing and nurturing the food we eat. I can only imagine how much food would NOT go to waste if we all had to grow a portion of our own to survive. Most people are more careful with the things they work hard for.


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