The Nest

Nathan has been wanting to get this Nest thermostat for a while. I would never have thought that Nathan would be so excited to get a thermostat. So I asked him to write this post about why the Nest is so amazing.

The Nest is a very cool thermostat. Yes, I just said that a thermostat is cool. The Nest is also very different than other thermostats. It learns your schedule and saves you money in many ways. Here’s a brief overview of some of the cool features about the Nest.

To teach Nest your schedule just turn it up or down so that you are comfortable. The Nest also has sensors so it knows if you are away and will automatically shut down. After a week Nest will know your schedule and automatically turn on the air in the morning, shut it down as you go to work and have your home comfortable just as you arrive home.

You can access Nest online or on your iPhone/iPad/Android. You can adjust the temperature, turn it on/off, adjust the schedule, and view usage reports all from the palm of your hand.

This is a geeky tool for monitoring engergy use. At $250, it is much more expensive than the thermostat you have hanging on your wall but it is also much cooler (pun intended). For more information check out and watch the intro video. You can buy the Nest directly from their website, your local Lowes, or Amazon (affiliate link).

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  • Emily

    That is the coolest looking thermostat!! We’ve got one that you can program a weekday and weekend schedule but it’s not nearly as sleek.

  • Cyndi Bird

    Okay, I must say that is one geeky but really cool thermosat. Never thought I would see a cool thermostat.


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