Summer Adventures: The Zoo

If you live near a fancy zoo then you probably wouldn’t be too impressed with our little Atlanta Zoo. But although it is small, our girls had such a great time visiting the zoo last Saturday. It turned out we went on the perfect summer day. It was a tad overcast with temperatures in the 80s. It has been rainy and stormy since Saturday.

I had on my walking shoes. Still in love with my Sseko sandals. Seriously the most comfortable shoes every. I can walk around in these all day. We were able to get into the zoo for free. Atlanta Zoo has a program with the public libraries where you borrow the zoo DVD from the library. When you return the DVD, the library gives you a receipt for a family of 4 to get into the zoo for free.

Since we had free admissions to the zoo, all we had to do was pack a lunch and head out. I’m glad that the Atlanta Zoo allowed people to bring food in so we didn’t have to purchase food from them. The crowd wasn’t bad for a Saturday. And the girls were able to see all the animals they wanted to see.

Little Eve didn’t last long since we were there during her nap time. I was glad she actually slept in the stroller. That gave us more time to go around the zoo.

In the Kid Zone of the zoo they had a petting zoo that the girls loved. They had brushes for them to groom the goats too.

And we ended the zoo experience with a ride on the carousel. That was their favorite part. They didn’t want to go home.

» Tell me… What is the zoo by where you live like? Do your children like to go to the zoo?

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  • Kay

    Hey – I hope those sandals are as comfy as you say… I just ordered a pair 🙂

    • Tiffany

      they are amazing and you can wear them in so many ways because you can change the straps and change the way you tie them.

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