BTB Tip #35: Desktop Organizing

Back to basics tip #35: To help clear an office or desk area that is often cluttered with little knick knacks, use a cake stand and silicone cupcake holders. I saw this at my mom’s house. She has lots of stuff on her desk so she used silicone cupcake liners to hold safety pins, paper clips, tags, erasers, glue sticks and other things like that. It made her desk look cute with a cake stand and cupcake liners but it also organized things too.

» Tell me… How do you organize and control all the little knick knack stuff on your desk or office area?

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  • Emily

    What a good idea for “pretty” organizing! I always collect all the random things lying around that are contributing to clutter and put them in a little basket. Then I sort through that when I have the time.


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