BTB Tip #36: Teach Babies to Drink from Straws


Back to basics tip #36: About a month ago I wanted Eve to learn to drink from straws. Since I nurse, my girls never did bottles. And rather than doing sippy cups, I usually just go straight to cups. It’s easier and less stuff for me to buy. But cups usually don’t have lids and the baby can’t carry around her own cup all over the house. So I usually try to each my children how to drink from straws around 9 months old when they can sit up by themselves and maybe even start to crawl. In Eve’s case, she started walking at 9 months.

Here’s a quick an easy way to teach your babies how to drink from straws. It works for me every time. Get a juice box or CapriSun and put the straw in their mouth. Then squeeze the juice container so the juice comes out of the straw. As soon as they realized that juice comes out of the straw, they still start sucking to get more out. With my three girls, it only took each of them one day to learn how to drink from straws by doing this.

I just recently found the Playtex Baby First Lil’ Gripper Trainer Cup at Target and bought one for $4.99. It said it helps teaches babies to drink from a straw and it is leakproof. The cup allows you to squeeze and the cup content come up through the straw. The same concept as squeezing the juice box. It’s a nice little cup that Eve can carry around the house and drink from without spilling everywhere. Although, it is not fully leakproof. Water can come out of the straw if it is not flipped closed. And Eve can shake water out through the straw. But it’s not a gush of water. Just drips here and there unless it is left upside down. Not bad and I would probably buy another one. Great for traveling and throwing in the purse (with the straw closed of course).

» Tell me… How do you teach your children to drink from straws? Do you do sippy cups or bottle or straw cups? Pros and cons of it?

4 Responses to “BTB Tip #36: Teach Babies to Drink from Straws”

  • Megan

    Found you on Pinterest! Thanks for the post. I nurse also, so my 10 month old doesn’t take bottles very well and in order to get him to drink water, I have to hold/tilt the silly cup up. I’m so going to try this! Thanks!

  • Stephanie

    Tried this (with a boxed drink) and my almost one year old got the hang of it on the first day. She only played with the sippy cup but never really drank, now she is enjoying the straw and drinking. Wish I found your site sooner. Thanks!

  • Kristin

    Thank you. This worked better than any other tip i found online and it took seconds!!!

  • Bonita

    I have a micro preemie and never took bottle
    Trying with sippy but not working for almost two month now
    I will try this and hopefully he starts drinking from cup with a straw
    God bless you


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