Fabrics A to Z Book Review

Monday I told you about my meet up with Dana from MADE. It was for her book signing. So today I’m telling you about her book. Dana recently came out with a book called Fabrics A to Z: The Essential Guide to Choosing and Using Fabric for Sewing. It’s was written just for me I’m sure. I have been looking for a reference book like this since I started sewing three years ago. It is all the information I need about fabrics and sewing tools. Often I know what I want to sew, I just don’t know what kind of fabric would be best for the project. Do you have the same problem?

So the book is divided into two sections. First section is all about fabrics. In this fabric section, there are five parts with fabrics categorized into woven, knit, specialty, blended and patterned. The second section is all about notions and tools. I love that she give you so much information about each fabric. First there’s a picture of it. She tells you what tools to use to work with it, kind of needles and presser foot to use, and most importantly how to care for the fabric. Lots and lots of useful information for sewers of all levels. Nifty, huh?

» Tell me… Where do you go for basic sewing information?

P.S. This will be a series of craft and sewing book reviews I will be doing the next few weeks. I purchased a few craft books and a friend of mine just gave me a bunch of hers that she didn’t want any more. So I’m excited to get reading on all these books and share them with you!

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  • Emily

    Awesome book! It could’ve been written for me too. 🙂 I usually go with the recommended fabrics on a pattern and/or search google.


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