Rosy Flower Hair Clip with Crochet Hat

I have been making flower hair clips lately and playing around with the sizes. I know big, and even gigantic, flowers are “in” right now. But I was never one to have anything huge on heads. This was already pretty big in my opinion. It turned out pretty cute and I love the color of the flower. I made the crochet hat for a friend’s baby and thought I would give it some color with a hair clip.

The flower and hat worked out pretty cute together. The deep violet gives the hat a nice pop. I have been crocheting hats for baby gifts lately. Hats are easy and fast to do. I love crochet hats for babies because it is so soft. And as newborns, they will wear anything. Poor Eve had to model this infant hat. She’s getting too big for this. Oh, the things moms make their kids do. Hehehe.

The flower comes off as a clip and can be worn alone. This silly girl kept yanking the hat off. But she will wear the clip.

» Tell me… Do you like the big flower look? Do your children like to wear hats? 

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  • Jill

    Love the flower! What a cute idea. I never would have thought to put a fabric flower on a crocheted hat. Genius!


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