Doily Card Tutorial

Last week Kaye’s teacher had a birthday. Since school started a few weeks ago, we just got things settled with school and in her class. Then we found out it was the teacher’s birthday. I’m just glad we found out in time and didn’t miss it. It’s a really special day for the class. I made her a simple card, had Kaye write her a note and included a gift.

I used what I had on hand for the card. I always have a pack of blank cards on hand. And a while ago I had purchased a back of paper doilies from the baking section of Michael’s (they were actually these Wilton Grease-Proof Doilies). Put the two together. Easy enough.


  • writing supplies (calligraphy, markers, paint, etc.)
  • glue stick
  • blank card and envelope
  • 4-inch paper doily
1. Write your message or name on the card. I did calligraphy but you can do anything to decorate the front of the card and even a message inside.

2. Place the doily where you want it to go. Fold if necessary.

3. Glue the doily in place and done! Super simple.

» Tell me… What do you usually give teachers for a teacher’s birthday gift? How much do you usually spend on the teacher’s birthday gift?



3 Responses to “Doily Card Tutorial”

  • Shannon from Michigan

    My daughter is starting Kindergarten next Tuesday. I have lots to learn about this new life with a school-aged child…including gifts for teachers! Is this a common practice? What type of occasions do you give gifts and how much do you spend?

    • Tiffany

      we usually do teacher gifts on her birthday, christmas and end of the year. then there are the smaller occasions where you can give teachers smaller gifts like make them something or bring in a treat and those occasions include first day of school, valentine’s day, and some of the smaller holidays. teacher appreciation day is another big one, although some schools like ours, stretch it out to be teacher appreciation week. so they do something small each day of the week for the teacher. seems like a lot, huh?

  • Nikki M.

    This is very cute! It looks sophisticated and fun. I’m sure the teacher loved it. How thoughtful!


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