Sew Serendipity Book Review

About a month ago my sewing friend was cleaning out her sewing room and let me scrounge around in her stash of stuff she was getting rid of. In that pile were some fabulous sewing books I’ve been wanting to read with Sew Serendipity: Fresh and Pretty Designs to Make and Wear being one of them. Sew Serendipity is by Kay Whitt and it’s a pretty cute book.

As with all other sewing books, the front teaches you basic sewing 101 stuff. Then three sections with instructions for skirts, tunics and dresses, and jackets. Although, to me, it seemed like a lot of patterns are variations of one style. There are patterns for the clothing at the back of the book. I do like that it’s spiral bound for easy referencing and turning of the pages. It’s step-by-step instructions with drawings to show help you understand it better. And lots of ruffling in Kay Whitt’s clothing styles. This book is probably not for beginner sewers since the jackets maybe a bit more advanced. This is probably not the book to pick up if this is your first few times sewing.

» Tell me… Have you looked through Sew Serendipity before? What were your thoughts on this book?

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