Adventures of Modern Mom: Demolition

Ever have one of those days where you feel like the kids are doing everything in their will power to destroy everything in your house? There were times when I think they were plotting what to do the night before rather than sleeping. These Adventures of Modern Mom posts are not supposed to be my list of complaints. And they are not supposed to be don’t-have-kids-because-they-are-horrible posts either. I love my children. They are, for the most part, super fun to be around. I definitely have those days when I could feel the gray hair growing on top of your head.

This happened a few months back. It was a Sunday afternoon when the girls and I baked cupcakes. Allowing the cupcakes to cool for frosting, I went upstairs to do something else. Later I came downstairs and discovered a little 3-year-old helped herself to about 9 cupcakes.

Then the baby was making her rounds around the kitchen cabinets and emptying them out. She dropped the glass measuring cup and shattered it into millions of pieces. We were still finding glass pieces a month later hidden in odd places. Just glad she didn’t get a scratch.

And then the 3-year-old had gotten a hold of a color pencil and wrote some letters on the wall along the stairway. She wrote it on flat paint so if we tried to wipe off the writing we would also take off the paint. Pretty nice penmanship though.

Still in the same Sunday afternoon, I found someone had ripped off leaves to our house plant. And the baby used the iPad as an surfboard. I don’t think it was meant to withhold a 21-pound baby. I just try to remember I will look back and laugh and miss these days when they are all grown and out of the house. And a house well lived is a house where memories were created.

» Tell me… Do you ever have days where you think the kids are out to get you, or your house? Tell me what have they done?


3 Responses to “Adventures of Modern Mom: Demolition”

  • Kristal

    Almost every day:/. My husband asked me yesterday if we would ever have a clean house again…
    Side note: my 3 yr old does the same thing with her Es! And her name is Ellie, so we find Es on everything;)

  • lisa

    Well, it could have been worse. I thought the first picture was of damage to your wood floor! My son did that once while I was hanging a picture. Luckily our floor is rustic so you can’t tell it has hammer dents.

  • Ellianah

    Oh, I had a very similar weekend, haha. My almost 2 year old decided it would be fun to use the walls as her coloring book. Thank God for washable crayons. Unfortunately, I missed a crayon when cleaning, coincidentally the black one, and the sun melted it into our carpets.



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