Card Holder Lanyard Tutorial

So… We’re going to Disney World again. The last time we went it was two years ago. Kaye was 4 and Elle was 1 1/2 years old. This time it will be even better than last time because the girls are a little older. As I prepare for our trip, I remembered that I would like to get a lanyard with a card holder to keep the Disney cards we use during our stay there.

The Disney cards are used to obtain the Fast Passes, to get into the parks, for all our meals and snacks and even to get into our hotel parking lots and rooms. Last time I kept having to search my purse to find the cards every time we needed it, which was quite often. This time I wanted to carry it on me so it doesn’t get lost and easily accessible. Can’t always guarantee pant pockets since sometimes I wear skirts or pants without pockets.

I know they sell them at Disney. But I was sure I could find something at an office supply store cheaper. Nope. The stuff they had at an office supply store only held one card and wasn’t meant to put in and pull out of the holder often. So I bought a lanyard but walked out without a card holder.

The next day I decided to put something together with what I had on hand at home. This was what I came up with. Quick and easy. I was thinking like a large size rubber band could hold several cards together. But then I wanted to sew one side closed so the cards have less of a chance of falling out or getting knocked out while we are going around to the parks.


  • 7 3/8 inches of 2-inch wide elastic
  • 1 1/2 inches of thin elastic (1/8-inch width)
  • matching thread
  • lanyard

1. Cut the 2-inch wide elastic 7 3/8 inches in length.

2. Measure 2 inches from one of the ends and sew loop onto one of the sides. See picture below. Make the loop using the 3/8-inch width elastic.

3. Fold the large elastic in half lengthwise with right sides together. Sew the open end close by doing a zigzag stitch 3/8-inch seam.

4. Flip the elastic right side out. I then place the seam from the edge stitch from step 3 in the middle of the circle then fold flat. Sew one side of the band close to create a pocket. I also did an zigzag stitch. And done!

» Tell me… Your wallet, is it big or small? What do you use to carry cash, cards and such?

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  • Emily

    Using elastic is a great idea! I’m excited for your upcoming trip!!!!!!!!! My wallet’s really small; it’s mostly just a card holder.

  • Carlie Dearborn

    What a brilliant idea! And such an easy tutorial. My family and I are often at Disneyland and find ourselves having the same trouble with losing our passes. Thank you for this post and have a great trip!


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