Friday’s 5 at 5: First Grade Chapter Book Series

I believe everyone is back to school now, right? I have been looking into purchasing book series for Kaye. There are so many new book series out there since I was in elementary school. Here are a few I have looked into…

  1. Fancy Nancy, Nancy Clancy. I am excited that Fancy Nancy has come out with a chapter book that will be a series. Kaye loves Fancy Nancy and all her fanciness. I love that it teaches my children big, “fancy” words. 
  2. Junie B. Jones. Kaye’s very first chapter book in kindergarten. I just bought almost the entire series, missing the two newest books, from eBay for $40 including shipping. Awesome deal considering there were 26 books. These are Kaye’s favorite right now. She thinks they are hilarious. It’s about a little kindergarten/1st grade girl and her adventures. 
  3. Amelia Bedelia. Kaye also enjoys reading these books. Amelia Bedelia was very good at following directions… literally. Although, some of it are a bit too literal for her and she doesn’t understand why Amelia Bedelia doesn’t do what she was supposed to do in the book. The original Amelia Bedelia was written by Peggy Parish until 1988. Then in 1995 her nephew started writing them again. I haven’t read any of the new ones. Have you? 
  4. Nate the Great. Nathan loves this series and has convinced Kaye that those books were about him. Kaye totally relates to Nate the Great, especially the pancake part. They both love pancakes. It’s about a little detective boy who goes around to solve mysteries. 
  5. Magic Tree House. Kaye hasn’t read these books yet. But a friend of mine, who used to be an elementary school teacher, recommended them to me. She said all the kids loved them. It’s about a brother and sister duo travel all over the place getting into all sorts of adventures. 

» Tell me… What were your favorite series book when you were in elementary school? Which series do your children like to ready?

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  • Amy D.

    Love those books too! Except Junie B. Jones…she has horrible grammer, I felt like it was teaching my daughter to speak wrong. Cute books though. I need to check out those new Fancy Nancy books!

  • Sam

    My first grader is obsessed with Judy Moody. Really obsessed. She read all 10 books in a row and we are on the third or fourth read of the first book (which is her favorite.) I like them because they are creative, well-written, and not dumbed down for kids. I am glad my girls never took to Fancy Nancy. Those books drive me nuts! I think they don’t give kids enough credit that they actually could get those big words from context. Those insufferable explanations drive me batty. Of course, I LOVED Amelia Bedelia at that age and she drives me nuts now that I am a curmudgeonly adult! 🙂

  • Patti

    Thanks for this post! I’ll have to check out the Fancy Nancy chapter books. Nate the Great might be a hit here too. My grade 1 girl has been enjoying the Katie Kazoo Switcharoo series (Nancy Krulik) and the Ready Freddy (I’m not a fan of there only seeming to be 5 kids in the class) and Double Trouble series (both Abby Klein). This isn’t a series but the books by Nancy Wilcox Richards – How to Fix a Lie, How to be a Friend and How to Tame a Bully were favourites over the summer. Geronimo Stilton were the books of choice in Kindergarten. My favourites in elementary were Bobsey Twins and Encyclopedia Brown. Thanks again – I always love new book ideas!

  • Mcihelle Nielsen

    I loved the Magic Tree House books! I think I read them all when I was little. They travel around the world and usually through time during their adventures. It does a great job teaching kids about different cultures and history.


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