Friday’s 5 at 5: iPhone 5 Cases

Nathan and I both upgraded to the iPhone 5. The button on my iPhone 4 stopped working. So it was time. We received the phones last Friday. I have yet to find a case for it. My phone feels exposed without a case, especially since it is around kids all the time. I want something simple but pretty without making the phone bulky. Here are some iPhone 5 cases I found that I really liked the designs…

  • Case Mate Glam. This is the one I really want in the champaign gold color but it is out of stock. I’m not sure if I want to wait an unknown period of time to get it. Or I could try to find it in a store, but what are the chances? $40
  • Incipio Frequency. I like this one because it has a design and it is also a soft cover. This also comes in various colors. $25
  • Belkin Shield Pinstripe. This one is pretty cool. I like the color and the simplicity of it. This one is a hard case though and only comes in this one color. $30
  • X-Doria Stir. This reminds me of elephant skin. I like how it makes the edges rounded. It comes in various colors. $25 
  • Agent 18 Lux or StripeVestI absolutely love the chevron on the Lux case in the classy gold. But the case is a hard case and not very functional for me. The StripeVest is not bad either but not out yet. Both are $30. 

» Tell me… What phone case do you have on your phone? Do you go for something pretty or something that will protect it?

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