Adventures of Modern Mom: Mommy Friends

Growing up I have always had great friends. In fact, I still keep in touch with quite a few of my childhood friends, like even way back from elementary school. The picture above is of one of my elementary school best friend, Natalie, from second grade. She moved away in fifth grade and we lost touch of each other. But then we both ended up in the same college and found each other there! Small world I tell you. Now we are both married with children.

I also keep in touch with some high school friends and college friends. The thing is we are all over the country and many of them don’t live near me any more. We keep in touch long distance. And thanks to Facebook and blogs, I keep in contact with a lot of them that way too.

Being a mom and a wife, I find making friends is a little different. My friends that live around me now are also moms with children the same ages as my children. And since Kaye started school, I’ve made new friends through school and her friends’ parents. I think it is so important to have friends. Good friends. People you can do stuff with, have fun and let loose. But I tell you, it is hard to find the time to do stuff with friends like we used to before we had children. Now my calendar is filled with stuff with the kids, events, family gatherings, school stuff, children’s birthday parties and the list goes on.

It makes it harder to spend quality time with friends. But the best friends are those who you don’t see in a long time but when you are together, you feel like you have never been apart. I’m grateful for those friends.

» Tell me… Do you find it harder to make friends now that you are a mom? Who are your closest friends? How and where did you meet friends?


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  • Jackie

    I actually find it easier to make friends now that I’m a mom. Being a mom means I automatically have at least one thing in common with other moms. It’s so easy to relate to other women who are also in the thick of sleepless nights and poopy diapers!

  • Natalie

    Yay! I love seeing my picture and name on your blog. I feel famous! 🙂 One of my friends here in Buffalo follows your blog and loves it. She’s been a fan long before she moved here. Definitely a small world. About your post, I find it easy to make friends with other moms but harder with people that don’t have kids. It’s just so much of what I do now.


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