Adventures of Modern Mom: Play Dates

Kaye has made some great friends at school and she loves to play with them at recess. They are not in her same class. So we have gotten together with her school friends a few times for play dates. Like in the picture above, that’s Kaye and her friends rolling down a hill. I love for my girls to have friends. And I’ve been making new friends with her friends’ moms. They are such great people.

Note: I am not writing this to put down the family or the child. I am actually trying to get together with the parents to meet them. I was just a bit surprised by the situation.

Then recently, we discovered there was a kid in her class who lives close by. The child’s parents both work, although the father works mostly from home. Once the father found out that we live close, he was excited for his child to have a friend. This child is the only child in the family. I had just met the father and talked with him for maybe 10 minutes outside. After talking to the dad outside shortly, he asked if they were all going in, insinuating that his child was going in our house to play right then. What?!

I was a little taken back by this. I get his excitement to find a friend for his child. But his child was not someone who played with Kaye at school although they are in the same class. And I just met the guy, he just met me. I haven’t met his wife, nor has he met my husband. And he was willing to leave his child at my house. I had to say no because I was heading out with my girls to run to the store.

We were busy all weekend. Then come Monday, first thing right after school the child and the father show up at our house again asking to play. We were heading out again, this time to dance class. So we had to say no again. But I am getting a slight impression that the dad wants his child to have someone to play with elsewhere so he can work at home. I don’t know if that is really the case or not, but that’s how it is coming across a little bit. He kept asking when the children can play, “How about later this week? How about Sunday?” He kept insisting that I call his wife. I had mentioned several times that we were busy later this week and on weekends but I would call his wife to set up a play date.

Yet at the same time, I came to the realization that we live a different lifestyle than this child’s family. We are everywhere all the time. Our schedules are so busy week-by-week that we had to squeeze in carving pumpkins into the schedule on a Saturday morning because that’s the only time before Halloween we can do it as a family. Why are we so busy? Well, we do things with friends and family. Nathan works and then does some side work. I am home with the girls but I also run them to everything – dance, school, play dates. We are very involved with our church. We run errands, we sightsee, we love doing things together as a family. Our schedule stays pretty busy a month in advance. So unfortunately, our children do not have a lot of hang-around-do-nothing moments. And when we do have a free moment, we go out for walks or the girls play together.

» Tell me… Who do your children play with? Do you keep your children busy? Do they run around with kids around the neighborhood or do they do play dates?

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  • Lynn Richards

    Hi! I found you through pinterest with your cute as pie necklace tutorial. I’ve had fun browsingn your blog. It’s so fresh and pretty! My girls are older now, but growing up we had the good fortune to live in. A neighborhood with 17(!!!) kids in it and all the moms stayed home. Does that happen anymore? I learned from one of my neighbors that when the garage door was up, it was playtime for her kids. If it was down, they were hunkered inside for family time. I’m betting this dad needs his child to be looked after, and she’s probably yearning for some interaction! Time will give you the ability to set some boundaries as you get to know them. Now that I’m done rambling, thanks for the visit!!!

  • Sissy Lou

    I love your site and subscribe to your updates. I do however, hope that you take this post down. The child in your daughter Kaye’s class who lives near you does not deserve to have her family’s business and her apparent (in your opinion) lack of friends to play with broadcast on the internet. The father could be hoping that your children will be friends with his daughter so that she can make some new friends. Since the assumptions you wrote about hoping his child will play with your children, so that he can work were just assumptions and opinion on your part, then they could also be the incorrect assumption. We all need to be vigilant where our children are concerned and if you are busy, just be honest with the father. He probably, my assumption here, would rather his daughter play at your house because it can be perceived by outsiders as creepy to have a father alone with 2 little girls. I really do love your site and hope that you do not take offense at my opinion–I am just really feeling for the little one in your daughter’s class right now. She might be very lonely and hope for the companionship of siblings.

    • Tiffany

      hi sissy, thanks for your comment. i really do enjoy reading feedback from my readers and appreciate the time you take to write comments. one of the reasons why i share these moments is because these are moments perhaps other moms experienced and can give me suggestions on how to handle them. so i honestly enjoyed reading your point-of-view and it helped me take a second look at this situation.

      i know every child should have friends. and this child does play with other friends, and is also involved in extra curricular activities. i guess i was mostly taken back by how forward this father was being for our children to play together even though they don’t interact much at school. i am not one who like to force my children to play with certain children because of situations put forth by adults. although, i have contacted the child’s mom to try to set up a time when we can all meet and get to know each other better. 🙂

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