Adventures of Modern Mom: Strong Willed Child

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My second child has been strong willed since birth. She is a free spirit, think-out-side-of-the-box type of girl. That’s what I love about her. She is spunky and fun. If you want to have a good time, hang with her. I want her to be a free spirit and her own person. I want her to know that she doesn’t have to be like everyone else and do things like everyone else. Yet I also want to teach her that there are times when she needs to follow rules.

For example… It has been getting chilly here in Georgia. Fall is upon us and I am embracing this change in weather. This past Sunday and Monday was a bit cooler than usual with highs around 60 degrees. I have been going through the bins and bins of clothes putting away some summer stuff and getting out all the fall/winter stuff. That is an arduous task, I tell you. It has taken me days and I am still not done. Plus I can’t quite put away all the summer clothes yet. We are still getting a few warmer days here and there.

Anyway, back to my second child. She is 3 1/2 years old, 4 in January. She is very opinionated about what she wears. This summer, she could only wear dresses. No shirts under dresses, no legging, no cardigans, no jackets, nothing. Just dresses, as is. Preferably pink dresses with extra fluff. Why? Because princesses only wear dresses. Big poofy ones. Each morning when she puts on her dress, she twirl around in it. If it didn’t have enough volume, sometimes she would wear a tutu under it. Other times she would have the change her clothes. Yeah, that picky about clothes.

In fact, when we were potty training that was how I got her to stop having accidents. If she had an accident, she would have to wear skirts because princesses didn’t pee pee in their dresses. That was a big no no. And if she had an accident again after changing into a skirt, she would have to wear pants. She screamed, “But, Mommy! Princesses don’t wear pants! Only prince wear pants! I’m NOT a princes!” We only had to do that a couple times and she was accident free. Even her pajamas were dresses with tulle on them. A little intense, huh?

So now that it is getting colder, she can’t just wear dresses all the time. There aren’t a whole lot of long sleeve dresses in pink and really fluffy. I am not going to sew her an entire wardrobe. And I am not going to spend ridiculous amounts of money to buy her special winter princess-like dresses when she already has a bunch of clothes in the closet and dressers. Plus I got go some how figure out how to get her to wear pants and or leggings. Last winter she would wear shirt, skirt and leggings. But over the summer, she wouldn’t even wear skirts any more. Somehow I have to convince her to back to wearing skirts with leggings again. And wear long sleeves and jackets. It’s going to be a long winter.

» Tell me… Do you have a child who is super opinionated about what he/she wears? How do you handle that?

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  • Kris

    My son is 2 months younger than your daughter and he is the fashion police too. he will only wear button down shirts and jeans. every day in the summer he asked to wear jeans but it was too hot. and he won’t wear jean shorts, he thinks they look silly LOL!! to get him to not wear jeans to sport activities we had to go pick a special outfit out that is just for gymnastics. He wears it every week to gymnastics and i am sure the other moms think this is weird, but it is his “uniform” and the only way i can get him in sweat pants. We have the clothes fight every day but since I took him shopping to pick out the shirts, we don’t fight anymore. he likes them all so he isn’t too picky about which one to wear that day.

    I think Kristal is a genius for reminding us that princess jasmine wears parts. that might work wonders! but maybe taking her shopping and calling leggings “tights” would do it. good luck. i feel for you 🙂

  • Angela N

    This sounds just like my 4 yr old!! Thankfully we live in central FL so it’s not that big of an issue, but I can sometimes get her to wear shorts. Pants are just a straight up NO from her. Skirts are OK, but definitely have to be frilly too. I am in the same boat as you as I have a ton of hand me downs from her bib sis and a lot of it ends up going to consignment because the 4 yr old won’t wear it. Maybe lace trimmed leggings under her tutus?

  • Andrea Graf

    My Daughter turns four this month and she’s the same way, I just make sure that everything in her closet is pretty much seasonally appropriate and let her dress herself, I do have a few rules for what she wears outside the house but for the most part I don’t have to say anything. This has worked really well for us, I don’t have to talk her into or out of anything and her outfits almost always coordinate. She’s usually more than happy to change if we are going somewhere if what she is already wearing isn’t appropriate.

  • Emily

    I am definitely going to try that with potty training my daughter!! I wonder if lace or ruffled leggings will help? Or legwarmers? Or just letting her be cold when you’re not far away from home/won’t actually hurt her? Or having a coat/leg covering rule for leaving the house?

  • Ann

    I had two who could be quite stubborn about clothes when they were little – they are five years apart in age, but the clothing strike came around age 4 with both of them. One of my daughters wanted to wear soccer uniforms, complete with cleats, everyday for several weeks. My mom remarked that it was so sad to have such a cute little girl dress like a boy – if Mom could see how girly she is now! Anyway, I remember getting tired of arguing with both of these fashion mavens when they were around four about wearing shorts on a cold day and asking them to step outside in their chosen clothes. Two different kids, five years between incidents, the result was the same…they came back in ready to deal.

  • Erin

    That sounds like my daughter. She is 4. From the time she was two till the beginning of this last summer, she would only wear dresses. Thankfully we’re in Arizona, so its less of an issue and I would scour secondhand shops for something the princess would approve. I found a few sweater dresses that worked nicely with leggings. Although this summer she totally threw me off because now she won’t wear dresses and will only wear shirts and skirts. *sigh* Now I’m quick putting together elastic band skirts or scouring secondhand shops for skorts and skirts that she’ll like.

  • lisa

    I remember I was a pants only king of girl. I was going to suggest finding a different kind of princess.


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