Circle Skirt for 50’s Day

Found out last Friday that Kaye’s school was having 50’s Day this Thursday. Yeah. As in tomorrow. Well, I didn’t have enough time to go out and buy a skirt, plus it’s probably more than what I am willing to pay. So I made one. I used Dana’s tutorial of a circle skirt with elastic band and ta da! I didn’t want to put a poodle on it because I want it to be a skirt she can wear more than just one day.


I already had the fabric in my stash of fabrics. And I also had the elastic on hand. Yeah. I didn’t even have to leave my house to get the supplies. Nice. Especially since Kaye was sick all Monday. Stayed-home-from-school sick. As in, pukey sick and I had to do the laundry to wash everything in the house kind of sick. Then I got sick on Tuesday. Yuck. So here’s what I came up with for her 50s outfit.

» Tell me… What was the last thing you had to make or create something last minute for school?

4 Responses to “Circle Skirt for 50’s Day”

  • Lisa

    CUTE! non-sewer mom here would have just gone with rolled up jeans, ballet flats and a white shirt (may have splurged on a Target run to get a button down, but not if our house was under sickness like yours).

    Our school fun week wasn’t exactly creative (crazy sock day, pajama day, hat day, school spirit day and backwards shirt day). YAWN!

  • Emily

    Adorable skirt! I have the same fabric for a Minnie dress for my daughter but I’m torn between making a dress (peasant style with a circle skirt, like her Snow White dress) or a circle skirt and top. Sorry about the sickness. No fun. PS I’m always looking for tried and true tips to clean up the vomit smell if you feel like sharing. The only thing that’s worked for me is washing the items like eight times and airing out the house, which is not fun when it’s super cold.


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