Covering Letters

Forgive the quality of the photos. I only had my phone at the time. I have been collecting the letter B as decorations to use around the house. As of now, they are all on our fire place. I found the metal one at Kohl’s last year. And then I got the other three at JoAnn. They are actually naked letters made from cardboard. I want to paint the large one using metallic spray paint. Not sure what I am going to do with the smallest one yet. But the midsize one I covered it using twine.

It was quite simple. Wrap twine around and around. Hold it in place using a glue gun and lots and lots of glue sticks. Burned off a few fingers later, it was done! Gotta love the glue gun. Here are some tips…

  • Buy your twine online. Way cheaper than at a craft store. I could only find a small ball of twine at Michaels for $6 when I bought a large roll of twine (300 feet) on Amazon for the same price.
  • Have a plan before you start wrapping it around. This B was a bit tricky because if I just started wrapping, some parts wouldn’t get covered. And then other parts would be really bulky with several layers of twine, like the corners. I wanted my letter to be completely covered in twine on all sides. So that was the trickiest thing to figure out which order and how to go about it.
  • Wrap the twine closely. So you don’t see too much of the cardboard.
  • Use lots of glue. Want to make sure the twine is in place and doesn’t start to unravel.

» Tell me… How would cover the other letters?

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  • Jen

    Fun grouping! I would use flat thumbtacks on one. I made a wreath a couple years ago and it is pretty neat…slightly overlap each tack and it looks like scales. I got the tacks at the Dollar Store, too. Looking forward to hearing some other ideas.


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