Friday’s 5 at 5: iPhone 5 Likes

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I just upgraded to the new iPhone 5 because my iPhone 4’s button stopped working. Before my iPhone 4, I had the original iPhone, the very first one they came out with. I just got it a year or so after it had released. I’ve had a couple of weeks to play around with the new iPhone and here are the things I like about this iPhone.

  • Bigger screen, but still fits in my pockets. I am enjoying the taller screen but still be able to put it in my pant pocket and type with one hand on the phone. I am usually holding a child or doing something in one hand while using the phone on the other. I like that I am able to still use the phone one handed and not a gigantic screen that needs two hands to hold.
  • Panoramic pictures. That is a nifty new feature on the new phone. And the picture quality of this one is way better than my iPhone 4. So is the video quality.
  • Speak text. When I am around the house with my hands full chasing after the kids, I am still able to text someone. It translates from voice to text pretty well. And it’s much faster than my typing it. I still don’t do it in the car though. I’m totally against texting and driving. Too dangerous.
  • Turn by turn voice navigation. That helps with my driving. I am not good with finding my way around in unfamiliar places.
  • LTE is pretty fast. Everything is faster on this phone. Also I like the ability to FaceTime without having wifi, if only I had unlimited data.

» Tell me… Did you upgrade to iPhone 5? What do you like about it or don’t like about it? Have you ever owned an iPhone? What did you or didn’t you like about any version of the iPhones?

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