Friday’s 5 at 5: Road Trip iPhone Apps

Nathan and I love to travel. Yes. We love traveling with kids too. Now I can’t imagine traveling without our iPhones.

  • Dark Sky. I love this weather app that tells us when it rains, how long it will last and the intensity of it. It also has a radar map so I can see which direction the storm is traveling. It has saved us so many times on our road trip. 
  • Maps. We would be so lost without it. We don’t have a GPS for our car and now with the new Maps app by Apple we don’t need one. It gives turn-by-turn directions. And if I miss a turn, it doesn’t keep tell me to make a U-turn. It just immediately reroutes. 
  • Funny Road Trip. This app is a fun game for the kids to play to keep busy. I am It’s an interactive game where they don’t stare at the screen all the time. 
  • Packing. This helps me to organize our packing before we head out. It’s perfect for list makers like me because I can even categorize the things I need to pack. And I can make different lists for different trips. 
  • GasBuddy. Now with gas being so expensive, this app will help save the wallet when traveling. Every penny counts, right? 
» Tell me… What smartphone apps do you use when you are on a road trip?


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