Happy Halloween!

First of all, happy Halloween to you! Secondly, my heart goes out to all those affected my hurricane Sandy yesterday and today. It was devastating to watch the news yesterday and seeing those images of homes destroyed. Hope you are all safe today.

Nathan and the girls, but mostly Nathan, carved the pumpkin yesterday while I was at the gym. The girls voted to have a Minnie Mouse pumpkin. It’s not quite finished yet, but it’s still pretty cute. We got our bowl of candy ready for trick-or-treaters. The girls’ costumes were store bought this year. Eve is wearing a Piglet costume pass down from her sisters. Elle is Cinderella in the pink dress. You know, the one that the step sisters rip. She saw the dress at the store and it was $16. Cheaper than I could make it. Kaye is Tinker Bell. I bought the costume on clearance last year after Halloween. That worked out great because I was too busy this year to make costumes. Phew.

Hope you have a happy Halloween! We are having a little party with friends later tonight and going trick-or-treating with our kids. Fun!

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  • Tracy

    This year we pulled the BBQ and fire pit out to the driveway and gave away hot dogs and hot cider! It was a HUGE hit with the kids over 6 and grown-ups (and we had lollipops for the littles). And we had so much fun getting to visit with our neighbors while they stopped for a minute to enjoy the fire.
    We also traded our son a Lego set for all but 6 pieces of his candy (since he’s 6 years old). He enjoys picking out 6 prized pieces of candy and we enjoy that he’s not hopped up on a ton of sugar.


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