Necktie Tutorial

Last week when I made Kaye her 50s outfit for 50s day, I also made her a quick necktie to go with it. Here’s a simple tutorial on how I did it. Seriously, it took only 15 minutes from start to finish. I love easy projects.


  • scrap fabric 3 x 30 inches
  • matching thread

1. Measure the neck, then add 15 inches (1 for seam allowance and 14 for excess to tie in knot and such). Kaye’s neck was 10-inches so I ended up with 23 for the length of the tie.

2. Cut two pieces of the fabric that is the length (from step 1) by 3 inches for the width of the tie. Put the two pieces together, matching the edges, then round the two ends of the tie.

3. The the right sides together, pin the two pieces together. Leave an opening to flip it right side out.  Then sew all the way around the tie with 1/4-inch seam, except the opening.

4. Use a chopstick or something similar to flip the right side out.

5. Iron flat. Then top stitch all the way around to also close off the opening. And done!

» Tell me… Do you have Halloween costumes ready? This 50s outfit could be a great costume idea!

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