Adventures of Modern Mom: Mr. Mom

I have to say, I married well. I haven’t been home much the last five days because I have been helping a good friend with funeral arrangements. Her husband died quite suddenly in an accident last Thursday evening. When something like this happens, there’s not much time but a ton of things to do to prepare for the funeral. It was a blessing for me to be able to help my friend and to see the generosity and love of friends, community and family for her and his surviving family.

Anyway, since I was gone most of the weekend and up until the funeral yesterday, Nathan has been playing Mr. Mom at home with the kids. He is so great. I didn’t leave him with instructions or prepared meals or clothes to dress the girls or anything. I was usually running out the door to run errands and such. He took care of everything. The kids were fed, bathed, read to, played with, all that good stuff. Although I would come home to a messy house some days, and I totally didn’t care that the house was messy, he would eventually pick up all the stuff and cleaned while I did more funeral stuff at home. Never a complaint or even any comment about me not helping out around the house. He so willingly helped out at home so I can help others. And he was happy to be with the kids. He’s such an amazing man. How did I get so lucky?

P.S. That’s why I didn’t blog the last couple of days.

» Tell me… Does your husband do well on his own with the kiddos?

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  • Sam

    What a terrible tragedy. My thoughts go out to your friend during this difficult time.

    I’ve thought on occasion what I would do if my husband were to die suddenly. He is such a great dad and partner it would be nothing short of devastating.

  • Alaina

    I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss. She is so lucky to have you to lean on, and you are lucky to have your husband’s love and support!

    Before my husband left on deployment, we had to plan out everything funeral related, and line everything up. I’m sure there are a bunch of details that we left out, because you don’t really know what to expect until/if/when it happens. I’m praying for his safety so we don’t have to go through that.

    And to answer your question- my husband is great with our kids on their own. I’ve left him alone several times, (when we just had the first two- he left when our baby was 4 months old, so he’ll have to ease into that when he gets back next year), and he did great- definitely a messier house, though- but it’s worth it to see them all happy and taken care of.

  • Roxanne

    My husband is fantastic with the kids! We have 3 girls very close in age to yours. I am super busy in the evenings; between church, PTA, and my direct sales business I am literally gone almost every single night. He is super supportive, and I know how lucky I am to have such a great man. He always thinks it’s funny when people comment about him being good with the girls or something; he is the dad! In his mind, that is what dads do, and I love him for it.


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